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Why is your oral health so important?
Why is your oral health so important?
Most of us think our oral health is not as important as our general health and we often put off going to the dentist for as long as possible. But for anyone with Lyme disease and a range of other chronic illnesses, there’s a great deal of evidence coming out now showing the health of your mouth, teeth and gums can have a major effect on your overall health.
Why is your oral health so important?
The benefits of ozone therapy
The benefits of ozone therapy
Medical ozone or active oxygen is an energized form of oxygen which is highly reactive but completely non-toxic to humans when administered responsibly.
The benefits of ozone therapy
Whole Body Hyperthermia creates deadly heat to kill Borrelia
Whole Body Hyperthermia creates deadly heat to kill Borrelia
Whole Body Hyperthermia heats up a Lyme patient's body and Borrelia cannot withstand this prolonged heat. When a person's body temperature is raised to 41.6 °C or 106.88 °F, it has been shown that Borrelia dies and the patient recovers from Lyme disease. The same temperatures have been shown to trigger the destruction of cancer cells so now, Whole Body Hyperthemia is a therapy which is being used more and more around the world.
Whole Body Hyperthermia creates deadly heat to kill Borrelia

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The professionals at Lyme Support can offer you free education about holistic therapies at facilities overseas and how you can book in for these therapies. We’ll explain how you can recover from Lyme disease by utilizing these therapies including whole body hyperthermia and ozone therapy. Read more >>

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“I’ve known Pam Connellan for a long time now and she’s been a great help to me on my health journey. She’s researched so many areas of Lyme disease and she’s across a huge amount of the information that’s out there. I trust she knows her stuff and she’s always been able to help me – no matter what I’ve thrown at her. She’s either already tried it, tested it or knows a whole lot about it. Pam’s been on her own Lyme journey herself so this has made her the right person to guide people through the endless maze that is Lyme disease. I often look at how far I’ve come and I know I owe so much to Pam for my progress. If you have Lyme and you need help, Pam’s the sort of person you want by your side.”

Stuart Edge
Director, On-Line Communications

 “Christine is an accomplished Pharmacist, self made entrepreneur and expert in the field of Lyme disease. Being in the healthcare field myself, I have used her expertise and vast knowledge, to consult for personal health issues as well as the primary consult for my Physical Medicine clinic.”

Lindsay Stephens
CEO, DC, CCSP, FMT, Motus Rehab Clinic, San Francisco, CA

“Pamela is passionate about supporting others on their journey to reclaim their health after heavy metal toxicity, mold exposure, Lyme disease and coinfections.

Through her own personal and very challenging experiences recovering from chronic illness, Pam has sought out the best practitioners, clinics, holistic and integrative therapies and treatments throughout the world.

Pam’s extensive knowledge, drive, and ongoing determination to regain her own health are a testament to her and her clients.”

Lisa Gumieniuk
Holistic Health, Energy & Wellness Coach
Larimar Wellbeing

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